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Good video production doesn't have to cost a lot of money. It does need some money, but more importantly it needs planning, then more planning.


  • It needs a realistic vision of what is achievable in the time allowed.
  • It needs to be efficient, with time well used.
  • It needs to have a sensible deadline.
  • It needs the minimum number of people working on a project.
  • It needs a realistic budget.

Scribble ticks a lot of these boxes...


Steve has worked in Broadcast Media all his life and will shoot / edit your video in High Definition.


Scribble has access to various cameras and edits with latest software from Adobe to bring your video to life.


Also, various FX packages are available to further enhance your promotion.


If extra resources are needed - bespoke music or narration, these are hired in.


Whatever your requirements, we can help.

Call 07515808944 to discuss further.

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