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Scribble 2016

Based in Hertfordshire, Scribble is here to promote the idea that promotional work can be done on a relatively low budget.


How is that achieved? Planning, efficiency, low overheads & good collaboration with the client.


Scribble founder Steve has worked in the media industry for over 40 years, most of that time with major broadcasters so...


  • If you want video, he and can shoot & edit your movie in HD.
  • If it's a motion graphics package, we have Adobe After Effects and Photoshop to create it.
  • Websites? no problem. Steve can create a template that you can preview & edit online.


  • Posters & flyers are made with Adobe Illustrator to produce high resolution results for printing.


Whatever your ideas, we are here to help..

Scribble can advise / assist with your technical and training needs too. Having started his career in broadcasting as an engineer, Steve has stayed up to date with all matters technical.


  • Familiar with Windows and Apple workstations
  • Single edit suite or multiple suites with shared server storage
  • Self-motivated as an individual or part of a larger team.


Whatever your needs, perhaps we can help.